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Natura Soy Candles

100% natural and plant-based

These beautiful candles are hand-poured  in Okotoks, AB with just 3 ingredients: pure soy wax, essential oil scents, and a cotton wick - that's it!

Safe for your home and family (including pets!)

All Natura Soy products are 100% FREE of synthetic chemicals, dyes, paraffin, petroleum, lead, animal products, preservatives, artificial fragrances or anything else icky and harmful!

Blended to give gentle and pleasant aromas without an overpowering or "chemical" smell

Our scents are made with only pure and natural essential oils. No worries about headaches, allergies etc. even if you're sitting close to the candle.

Long lasting and clean burning

Soy wax burns nice and slow for hours of enjoyment, and burns very clean with no soot or smoke.

Eco Friendly

Soy wax is biodegradable and carbon neutral. Combined with our 100% plant based ingredients and minimal packaging we try our best to keep the environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.

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