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Lovely things for your nest.

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We're a Canadian business based in Victoria, BC that loves creating well made items for your home. 


1. We make lovely things! (In our humble opinion) Our website is pretty new, so if you'd like to read some of our 5 star reviews, check out our Etsy Shop to get the low down on the products and what people are saying about them!

2. We make every effort to ensure our packaging is recyclable, that our materials are ethically sourced and that our production methods are kind to the environment.

3. FREE SHIPPING on orders $60+! What's not to like about that?


4. We're nice! Despite our name being "Cheeky", life is too short to be unkind, so anytime you have a problem with your order, have feedback or ask us a question, you can expect we'll be nice to you and make sure you're happy. 

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