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Advent is a beautiful time that allows us to reflect on the meaning of the Christmas season and mark the weeks leading up to Christmas day. 

A candle is lit on each of the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas. In modern traditions, these candles represent hope, peace, love and joy. The 5th candle is lit on Christmas eve and is called the Christ candle. 


This is a PDF printable download of a simple family devotional that can be used to enjoy Advent.


We've assembled scriptures for each week and a prayer, which makes it a short, sweet and interactive devotional the whole family can do. We recommend taking turns reading the scriptures out and then maybe have a casual discussion about what those scriptures mean to you. 


It's easy to love the simplicity of the tradition. Taking a moment out of the busy and festive days leading up to Christmas just to stop, light a candle and reflect on what we are celebrating can help bring greater depth, meaning and calm to the holidays.


Take part in the tradition of Advent this year and savour the beauty of the season!

Advent PDF Devotional for the Family Instant Digital Download

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